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Our home group will recommence after the summer break on Wednesday 9th September at 8 pm. Due to the coronavirus situation we meet via Zoom. If you are new to Zoom, do let us know as you can join either with a computer (or iPad/ similar) or even just by listening on a normal telephone. We would be happy to help you get set up if required.

We meet every Wednesday but follow school terms so that we have a break whenever there are school holidays.

The points below will give you a feel as to what a typical meeting of our home group looks like. But, it can be flexible, and it does not always go to plan!  Someone will lead us through the meeting (the person varies from week to week but it is most commonly either Nigel or Tim). The main purpose of the leader is to facilitate the discussion, to keep us on track, and to finish on time. A typical meeting would include:

  • A light start to the proceedings – perhaps a short quiz (but not every week!), notices, perhaps someone may wish to tell us something about a charity, or a personal contact abroad, or share a story of something they have heard about, or share a song or piece of music.
  • Someone to read the bible passage(s) we shall be looking at.
  • The main part of the meeting is then taken up by discussion. Sometimes we simply look at a passage of scripture. For example, for the four weeks prior to us breaking up for the summer we looked at the book of Galatians. We read a part of the book each week to mull over and discuss. Sometimes, over a series of several weeks, we have looked at ‘themes’. For example, a while back we worked our way through a book called ‘Holy Habits’ and looked at a different theme each week to mull over and discuss (with relevant bible passages) – such as prayer, giving, service, worship, etc.
  • Someone to lead us in prayer.
  • General chat before we part. (It is a shame we cannot have our usual drink and cake that we were used to when we met in person.)
  • Aim to finish in 1 hour, with an absolute guaranteed cut off of 70 mins (9.10 pm).

We have established a routine of sending out the bible passages to group members several days in advance of a meeting to give people a chance, if they wish, to read them and have a think about them prior to the meeting.

Some FAQs….

Do I have to join in the discussion?
No. Most people are keen to get in their opinion! – but some people prefer to just listen, which is fine.

Will I be expected to pray out loud?
No. A designated person who has previously volunteered will come prepared to lead the group in prayer. They may invite ‘anyone else who would like to’ to add any other prayers, but no-one will be expected to pray out loud.

Will I be expected to read bible passages out loud?
No. Again, a designated person who has previously volunteered will come prepared to read the set passages for the evening.

Do I need to be a Christian to join in?
No. As would be expected, most people who go to church home groups are Christians, but we welcome people at any stage of their journey of faith who may wish to observe how these things go.

Do let us know if you have any other queries.

Women’s Fellowship

This is an ecumenical group for women of all ages. Prior to ‘lockdown’ the group met on alternate Tuesday afternoons from 2.30 to 3.30 pm, from September to May. The meeting usually started with opening devotions followed by a speaker (subjects being wide ranging!) and finished with a cup of tea; but we also enjoyed occasional trips out for afternoon tea, the annual Christmas lunch, and a summer visit to Shepherds Dene. We look forward to recommencing when the time is right.

Each year we support a different charity and from time to time we take part in events organised by Methodist Women in Britain.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

This is usually on the second Friday of each month at 6.30 am at the church. (Sometimes another Friday in the month is identified as best for those who come along – check current notices for next prayer breakfast).  We pray for one another, the church, and our community. Different members lead each time. Although normally only a small group, it is a great time of fellowship and encouragement, and we trust it makes a difference in our own lives and the life of the church. Currently this meeting is done by Zoom – which is a shame as we used to enjoy bacon sandwiches together.