Information for Sunday 2 August 2020

Hello everyone:-

We hope that all who are reading this are remaining safe.

Once again, this is not a conventional “notices” message but an opportunity for those who are still accessing this site to remind you that there are lots of links, including options for reflection, meditation and streamed worship, that can be found on this church website under Coronavirus Resources.

We are very grateful to Tim who continues to provide these links. In conjunction with our minister, Rev Jenny Porterpryde. Tim has also been putting together each week the various elements which form part of our Sunday worship, now accessed through You Tube. You can access this service, which is for Prudhoe and Stocksfield Methodist Churches in addition to Wylam, by obtaining the necessary code. Just email Rev Jenny Porterpryde at to obtain this.

Wylam Church Stewards, together with the minister, have been meeting regularly to plan for the possible re-opening of our church for worship. At the very earliest this is likely to be in early September, but nothing like what we probably think of as a “normal” service. We are also aware that many of our congregation have already indicated that they would not wish to resume at that stage, either because they feel the inevitable coronavirus restrictions would take away much of their enjoyment or because they are still intending to self-isolate.

We will try to make sure that everyone is kept informed about this possible development which, in any case, may depend on the perceived risks and related advice at that time.

Re-opening the church premises for other activities, both those organised by the church and by those who hire the premises, is expected to be at an even later date.

If you have information that needs to be circulated you can contact        Brian Japes
Tel:- 852151 or email:-