It was mentioned last time that the Wednesday Evening Home Group has continued to meet via “zoom” throughout “lockdown” and we have just finished an interesting series based on John Ortberg’s book, “If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat”, which has been encouraging and inspiring.

The group is now starting on a new series for the period of Lent and while we still cannot meet up physically, Wylam Methodist Church invites anyone, particularly members of the Wylam and District Churches, to join us (virtually – via Zoom) on six Wednesday evenings through Lent. Each meeting starts promptly at 8.00pm and lasts for no more than one hour.

These Lent meetings will be a reflection on the ‘God of Justice‘ with particular reference to environmental,
trading and climate issues. Are these issues of ‘justice’, and if so, how should we address them? Over the
sessions we shall be looking at various biblical passages, viewing some thought provoking videos, listening
to some related songs, posing some questions for discussion (and possibly the odd quiz thrown in), all related
to this theme.

By all means, we welcome participants joining in with the discussions, but no-one is required to say anything
if you do not want to. You can just watch and listen if you like. Someone from our regular group will close in
prayer at the end of each session. Each session can be taken in isolation, so you will not need to ‘catch up’
from any previous session. For the Zoom link to join in – please email

Session 1 (Wednesday 24 Feb) ‘What is justice?’ – a biblical perspective.
Session 2 (Wednesday 3 March) ‘Trading and employing fairly and justly’ – this session coincides with the second week of ‘Fairtrade fortnight’.
Session 3 (Wednesday 10 March) ‘Being stewards of our planet’ – with particular reference to
pollution/waste/misuse of land and similar environmental issues. Is this a justice issue?
Session 4 (Wednesday 17 March) ‘Climate change: a justice issue?’
Session 5 (Wednesday 24 March) ‘Climate change: what should our response be as individuals, churches, and communities?’
Session 6 (Wednesday31 March) ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ – is this more often a justice, rather than a charity issue?


As we were approaching Lent, Nigel King perhaps inspired by the topic we were discussing, challenged Home Group members in a very practical way. He suggested that rather than “giving something up for Lent”, which in spite of this having some spiritual significance as a“sacrifice”, he suggested instead that we “do something more for Lent”. Nigel had two suggestions as towhat we might do, and you might wish to consider one or even both. The first, based on the fact that there are a total of 89 chapters in the four gospels and 44 days in Lent, is to read two chapters each day; The reality is you will have to do a little more than that because Lent actually began a few days ago on Ash Wednesday, 17 February. The second suggestion, which hopefully many are doing anyway, is to pray for 15minutes every day. Nobody is going to ask if you accepted either challenge but please think about it.


We previously listed many church activities that can be followed “on-line” during “lockdown”, either as an observer or an active participant. We are aware that this doesnot help those without internet connection. However, help is at hand. Marie Hutchinson has very kindly created an opportunity for a Group Chat by telephone. This takes place every Wednesday morning at 11.00am. Just dial 03330164757 then, when asked, the Room number is 3633138#. Finally, again when asked, Pin Number is 3978#. Marie would be delighted to hear from as many as possible.

Prayer Footnote: Lord of all, this Lent, may we feel your ever-loving presence more than ever. We long to hear from you, to know more of you. We open our hearts and minds today, asking that you will fill them with the knowledge of your love. God of restoration, we pray for all those who are sick and in need of healing; Bring wholeness and well-being. We ask that you comfort the grieving, the lonely, the lost and the uncertain. We lift our voices to declare: “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth”. Amen
Part of a prayer from “All You Can”